The Astrologicalendar

Beautifully designed wall calendars where the monthly pages align with the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Astrologicalendar BLOG

  • Guide to Libra 2019

      Today the bright sun moves through the cusp of Libra and the earth rotates between days and nights of equal measure.How appropriate that this si...
  • Guide to Virgo 2019

    I noticed myself tut-tutting over the unkind pacing that this calendar seems to careen through the days and weeks, page after page, now again — a...
  • Guide to Cancer 2019

    Welcome to the season of Cancer, my friends. I missed you in Gemini. How are the calendars working for you?  Friday, June 21st Solstice & Sun ...

What People are Saying

Whether you're a die hard astrologer or want to build your awareness of the zodiac in general this calendar is perfect for you!

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The quality of the calendar is super well made and I feel like it's a piece of art hanging in my office.

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Fans of astrology and astronomy will love this calendar