Guide to Aquarius 2019

As we enter the month and season of Aquarius, here are the events to contemplate and enjoy as highlighted in the Astrologicalendar.

Sunday, Jan 20th 2019

Tonight - Total Lunar Eclipse

This is a real treat and one of the night sky highlights of the year. Truly. For North America, this is the last visible total lunar eclipse until 2022. I hope you have a chance to experience it. 

The Full Supermoon in Leo will turn “blood” red and be visible throughout the Western Hemisphere. The penumbra shadow begins at 7:10pm PT with totality starting at 8:40pm PT and lasts for about an hour.

Why does the moon turn red? Behind the Earth's full shadow, the moon reflects the simultaneous light of every sunrise and sunset escaping the narrow edge of our atmosphere. 

I'm fascinated by what we can measure and explore during eclipses. Personally, they have often coincided (or perhaps, "announced") intense shifts in professional and work-related endeavors. Tonight is an opportunity to reflect on transitions, both within and without.

If the weather is uncooperative (as it's looking like it might be in Santa Cruz), here are a few ways to view the eclipse tonight online via webcasts.

Beyond the spiritual work we can embark upon during an eclipse, here's an analytical perspective to consider:

Those warmly shifted photons of travel as a light wave for two and a half seconds, bouncing off the silent and dusty moonrocks in their elegantly crimson return back to Earth. "One Mississipi Two Mississipi Three Missi—"

Auspiciously, this eclipse coincides with the Sun entering Aquarius, marking the end of Capricorn and our season of contemplating the Earthly Goat ruled by Saturn. And with that, here is your guide to Aquarius for 2019.

Monday, January 21st
First Full Day of Aquarius
Welcome to the season of the Air powered Water Bearer ruled by Uranus. This is 2019, though, so maybe "ruling" is a bit heavy handed. Sponsored By Uranus? In Cooperation With?

Wednesday, January 23rd
Mercury enters Aquarius  
One of the oldest signs of the Zodiac. 

Sunday, February 3rd
Venus enters Capricorn
Unless you're metaphysically looping through Punxsutawney, PA and off to see the Groundhog, again. In which case, "I couldn't imagine a better fate than a long and lustrous winter."

Monday, February 4th
New Moon in Aquarius
Astronomers and their sensitive instruments have discovered a dozen extrasolar planets orbiting the blooming stars within the vase-like boundaries of Aquarius. 

Sunday, February 10th
Mercury enters Pisces (the Fish)
Along with Aquarius, Cetus (the Whale) and Eridanus (the River), Mercury swiftly paddles through the region of the sky often dubbed The Sea given its aquarium full of watery symbols.

Thursday, February 14th
Mars Enters Taurus
In just six minutes, meditate on this light-speed journey to Mars (by the same astrogeek maker of the moonlight gif above). Once a year, at closest approach, we are literally Thirty (Half-Dozen) Seconds To Mars.

Monday, February 18th
Sun Enters Pisces
One Fish. Two Fish. Sun Fish. Starfish.

Tuesday, February 19th
Full Moon in Virgo
Reflecting the Starfish light.

PS. "One Fishissippi. Two Fishissippi. Sun Fishi—"

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