Guide to Aries 2019

Welcome to the new Zodiac Year - and to the beginning of Aries. The first fire sign of the year. 

Wednesday, March 20th
Sun Enters Aries
From the long winter swim into the heat of the fire. 

Full Moon in Libra
Take refuge in the lunar spotlight shining down upon you, illuminating all that which is commonly unseen about yourself, resting pupils squinting in shadows. The balance of achievement.

The start of the zodiac and the astrological new year. The beginning of spring in the north and autumn in the south.

Friday, March 26th
Venus Enters Pisces
"Why is the measure of love loss?"  — Jeanette Winterson

Tuesday, March 28th
Mercury Retrograde Ends 
You can start again, retracing your two steps forward, remembering there is nothing truly lost with one step back. There may even be much wisdom gained.

Friday, April 5th
New Moon in Aries
Can you use a magnifying glass and moonlight to light a fire?

Tuesday, April 16th
Mercury enters Aries
"If you run a simulation and do a proper calculation, you’ll find that Mercury, and not Venus or Mars, is Earth’s closest neighbor on average (and spends more time as Earth’s closest neighbor than any other planet)."

Friday, April 19th
Full Moon in Libra 
A blue moon is the second full moon within a month, but what might we call a second full moon within the same sign? Here we can marvel at something perhaps even richer and perhaps not yet named —a sequel lunar maximum squeezing by at 100% in the last degree, minutes and seconds of Libra. The Balanced Blue Moon? 

Saturday, March 20th
Venus Enters Aries
While Mercury's neighborly average wins over time, Venus occasionally bests, saddling up alongside the Earth as the brilliant sister-planet.  But in order to achieve that loving proximity, it also delves much further and deeper beyond the Sun, beyond Mercury, beyond reach. To get so close it must also travel so far away.  

Is proximity briefly met, or in greatest duration, the strongest measure of love?

Sun enters Taurus
The space probe Pioneer 10, launched in March of 1972, is headed now in its retirement toward Taurus — falling through the cosmos on a journey of thousands of years before it reaches the neighborhood of stars in this stubborn constellation.