Guide to Libra 2019

Today the bright sun moves through the cusp of Libra and the earth rotates between days and nights of equal measure.

How appropriate that this sign of scale and balance coincides with the second equinox of the year. 

When we inquire more precisely, our clocks count 720 minutes of daylight. And so we know, then, to anticipate 720 minutes of earliest fall night.

And in that glimmered darkness we can sit, with a mind held at the fulcrum of this balance, of appreciation and resistance, of action and resting, of holding and stretching, of the silence and light of the first autumn sky.

Welcome to the season of Libra

Monday, September 23rd
Equinox and Sun Enters Libra
— At the half-time of the Zodiac, what strategy would you shift or renew for these next six signs?

Saturday, September 28th
New Moon in Libra
— Now here is that fresh starfield to reset your sight, perhaps balancing both scales to a fresh zero.

Thursday, October 3rd
Mars Enters Libra
— The justice of equal measure isn't always an obvious action, which can be frustrating for Martians and Earthlings alike. 
Mercury Enters Scorpio
— Can you be more clear and direct in your communication? And less passive, like this rhetorical question.

Tuesday, October 8th
Venus enters Scorpio
—A signal of intensity and determination in our love and shared connections.
Draconids Meteor Shower
— Best viewed after sunset.

Sunday, October 13th
Full Moon in Aries
— "Time is the fire in which we burn." - Delmore Schwartz /

Monday, October 21st
Orionids Meteor Shower
— The second of two showers from the wake of the long trail of Halley's Comet. Best after moonset, before dawn.

Wednesday, October 23rd 
Sun Enters Scorpio