Guide to Virgo 2019

I noticed myself tut-tutting over the unkind pacing that this calendar seems to careen through the days and weeks, page after page, now again — and again, and again, and again, the new.

, already? 

Surely there is some other sign after Leo. I must have made a mistake, and printed the calendars out of order.

That seemed more likely than the truth; that it really is Virgo.

Today. Virgo, 2019.

I searched for a reprieve, for the sky to stretch itself in an embrace, revealing new stars and the constellation of a longer summer break. 

Do you ever find yourself fretting about these transitions and the speed of time, how they are keeping pace against some other, faster orbit?  

And then I wondered — do I ever find myself not fretting? 

"Okay — it can be Virgo," I hear myself say as I look at the calendar page.

And I so I held the bottom of the white sheet and pulled the calendar grid up and over, lifting its veil.

I really felt the paper. Appreciated the tension in the Leo page as it curled upward to reveal this tennis ball of Virgo stars on the grain of the paper. I embraced its movement, watched as it settled in perspective, remembered how I had years ago imagined this ritual and reminder. 

The only antidote to this swift progress of time, to not fretting about, was to be present. Worrying not about the approaching end of August nor the beginning of September, but becoming a part of the movement, the very moment of today, as could be held in my hand and then just let be. 

So if you haven't yet embraced or marked the sun's transit of Virgo, revealing this fresh grid and sheet of days to your kitchen wall or office studio, I would encourage you to let it be a meditation, to cherish the small moment, really feel the sensations when it becomes, as it must, the month of Virgo.

And may these astrological events encourage more of the same — presence, wonder, and less fretting.

Friday, August 23rd
Sun Enters Virgo
— Right when it is needed.

Thursday, August 29th
Mercury Enters Virgo
— Ah, see, it's trying to keep pace with our view, vying for attention. 

Friday, August 30th
New Moon in Virgo
—  Perfectly content to begin again.

Friday, September 13th
Full Moon in Pisces
—  Perfectly ready for its curve of light to swim in the opposite direction.

Saturday, September 14th
Venus and Mercury enter Libra
— They'll meet each other there, scouting ahead for us. 

Monday, September 23rd
Equinox and Sun Enters Libra
— Half-time of the Zodiac.